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Morningside Cottage DVD

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"Morningside Cottage" DVD
A 1/12th scale miniature of Miss Marple's cottage in Agatha Christie's books.As seen through the eyes of Sarah Salisbury and constructed by Pam Throop.

Included with the DVD is a personal letter by Sarah Salisbury relating how "Morningside Cottage" took place.

Sarah Salisbury, the inveterate collector of miniatures, would be so happy that so many people in the miniature world would have so much interest in her collection of Morningside Cottage; or as some know it as Miss Marple's Cottage. She once told me that this was the epitome and the finest house with all its furnishings and accessories in her vast collection. Everything in the cottage was handcrafted. Miniatures that she had collected all over the world, but mainly in England are represented in this dwelling. Most are from the best and well known miniature artisans. Pam Throop was commissioned by Sarah to build the cottage and over a 5 year period she and Sarah collaborated to complete this outstanding project. It was a labor of love for both and the end result is a miniature that was above all others in her collection.

When Pam delivered the cottage to Sarah, we had a party at Sarah's house to decorate and furnish it. Lynda Bauer, Eleanor Taylor, Jacqueline Getzan and myself spent more than 8 hours filling the cottage with all the miniatures that Sarah had been collecting for the past 5 years. She laughed that she thought that there were enough miniatures to fill two cottages, but we found a place for everything. It all came together as an almost spiritual experience. When we finished we did not realize then what a collaboration of "creating" had taken place. Some artisans that were commissioned to make specific miniatures for the cottage were unaware that they would be involved with such a project. It was because of Sarah and Pam and their devotion to this cottage that it all came about. The cottage was truly Sarah's favorite and Pam also felt that this was her finest work.

This video is a tribute to Sarah, Pam and all the artisans and friends of Sarah that were involved. It will memorialize Sarah's love of miniatures. Unfortunately, Sarah being very shy about seeing herself on camera, did not want to be interviewed for the video. Also I was not able to document all the artisans whose furnishings and accessories are shown on the video. 
Pam was very gracious to allow me to go to her studio and she relates so much history and techniques about the cottage that this alone is a treasure on the video. It is also interesting to see the actual studio where Pam worked on her wonderful houses. 

I remember one time when Sarah had a group tour in her home to view her miniature collection. As her collection was quite extensive it took awhile for the group to view all the rooms that held her miniatures. The "Morningside Cottage" was in one room all by itself and one could walk around the table and view the cottage at their leisure. The interesting thing was is that I had this video playing on Sarah's TV and everyone was sitting watching the video because it showed more close-ups of the rooms than you could view in person in the next room. I am still overwhelmed to this day, after more than 20 years, that I was so fortunate to have made this video and to experience this awesome miniature.

It is sad that Sarah and Pam have both passed on and will no longer be able to enjoy the miniature world they so loved.
Jason and Jacqueline Getzan

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