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Dagger handle
Dagger handle

Dagger handle cane #9

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  • Cane:Dagger handle cane with Rosewood shaft
This dagger handle cane has a brass hook handle with a brass tip and a Rosewood or Ebony wood shaft. 

The canes are the finest you will find in miniature. They are all made in 1/12 scale and are crafted of exotic hardwoods. I have chosen woods for their tight grain and color. The brass handles and brass tips are each individually created by hand and compliment the wood shafts. I invite you to see the photos up close for the taper of the shafts and the true to scale brass tips on each cane. Hang a single cane from a chair or group them in a cane stand. A friend of mine has a collection of canes in a cane stand sitting on his desk and he is not a miniature collector.

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